Mathematics Diagnostic Tool, Grade 1-7

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The Grade 1 – 7 Diagnostic tools determine the grade equivalent mathematics performance levels for students. This tool is suitable for learners from Grade 1 to 7.


The Grade 1 – 7 Diagnostic tools have been developed to assist teachers and schools in determining the grade equivalent Mathematics performance levels for students. This can be used by individual students as well.

Typically the teacher (or school, or parent) will administer this assessment to the class or specifically to students that have been identified as being in need of support in the subject.

The assessment assesses performance on the range of skills for the subject. Each skill is assessed at a range of developmental levels. The student progresses through the assessment via extend and halt gates based on their performance on each skill and level. On completion of the assessment, the student is assigned to a grade equivalent developmental level based on their dominant performance level across the skills.
Knowing the grade equivalent developmental level of the child will enable the teacher to provide a targeted intervention to support the student.


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