Mathematics Benchmark Assessment, Foundation Phase, Grade 1-3

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 The JumpTrak™ Mathematics Benchmarks are standardised assessments for Mathematics.

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The JumpTrak™ Mathematics Benchmarks are standardised assessments in Mathematics.

The assessment is CAPS aligned and comparative to international equivalents and a standardised reflection of a learner’s competence. They are administered online on the JumpTrak™ platform and via a secure user id and password per learner. Additionally, schools can request secure activation codes for classrooms if required. 

You will be able to: – 

  • Compare your grade results to anonymised National averages.
  • View a trusted external benchmark of your school and students.
  • Harvest school, class and learner level analysis for topics, cognitive levels and individual item analysis.
  • Get a JumpTrak™ proposed “action plan” for each group of participating students based on their results
  • Build longitudinal studies year on year.
  • Draw correlations with the JumpTrak™ assessment to your own internal assessments or other JumpTrak™ assessments.

The license will include a simple orientation assessment to help you familiarise yourself with JumpTrak™ and how to answer the typical range of question types.

Our real-time support desk will be on call to support all of your assessment needs at or via WhatsApp at 079 267 3397.


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