Track with precision
Teach with insight
Learn with confidence

Improving learning outcomes in your classroom requires real-time visibility on exactly where to focus your efforts. This can be hard to do. Large classrooms, varied competencies across many learners and delayed results means this information is not always readily accessible. Applying the information you do have within your classroom can seem overwhelming. Feedback is often reduced to a single report card once a term. Your learner’s individual needs can easily get missed. We created JumpTrak™ to solve this problem. With precise insights to each learner’s competencies, and smart grouping of the data across the whole classroom, you are able to create practical intervention strategies where and when it is needed.

Explore specific JumpTrak™ tools for early mathematics and language development, peer-to-peer marking writing tools and the existing collection of benchmark, baselines and diagnostic assessments.

Track your impact project performance indicators with easy to use mobile and web applications. Monitor real-time data dashboards to drive your interventions and provide timeous social ROI.

Examinations & Assignments

Run your online examinations confidently. Configure rules for timing, randomisation, minimum pass attempts and retries. Use simple multiple choice or freetext responses. Use rubrics or simple marking tools to mark thousands of common responses at once. Train your digital memos with machine learned responses from marked items.

Peer - Marker

User your written assignments for accelerated language development through peer-to-peer marking and peer reviews. Let JumpTrak™ autograde the assignments for the teacher.


Harness the question bank to build assessments in minutes. Use existing banks of items in language and mathematics or build your own. Reuse generated assessments as anchor items for year on year comparisons.

Assessment Banks

Use our existing external benchmark, baseline or diagnostic assessment across the grades in Language and Mathematics. Opt-in for anonymised comparisons year on year. Draw correlations across subjects, topics and taxonomies.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Configure KPI measures across to track deliverables, LogFrames and project milestones. Use simple "Tap" track applications to observe classroom behavour. Consolidated varied measures into a single integrated dashboard for your stakeholders.

Mathematic gaming editors and Apps

Author early mathematics workbooks using the activity editors. Use the existing early grade Number Sense digital workbooks for Grade 1-3 in English and isiXhosa.


Diagnostic toolkits

Create custom diagnostic assessments using the diagnostic builder for any subject, skill or collection of topics.


Access the Studio to author your lessons and course curricula in the JumpTrak™ way. Align Topics and Taxonomies to have assessments create paths of revision automatically for the learners.

The Campus

Take your entire campus online and build your LMS echo system in the JumpTrak™ way to give your learners, and educators, insights to their learning outcomes - as they learn.