JumpTrak™ was founded as a digital education, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) platform to South African schools. The driver was to understand learner progress within the classroom – in real-time – not having to wait for formal summative results at the end of a term or a year.  Identified gaps in learning are discovered far too late, or in many cases, not at all. This leaves many South African learners ill equipped to cope with the next year of learning. Year on year this problem has compounded to create a crisis in the education system in South Africa and school leavers join the ranks of the unemployed with little prospect for further learning or to engage with the opportunities of our rapidly emerging digital economy. The demands, and opportunities, of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4iR), quite simply pass them by.

Our mission has been to address this

JumpTrak™ has evolved as a collection of light-weight, data-sensitive and easy to use web and mobile applications. Our applications are specifically designed to determine a student’s progress in a subject on a day-by-day basis. This real-time evaluation – assessing as you learn – gives direct insight into a class’s understanding and allows the student, and their educators, to identify critical areas for intervention and additional development.

From these foundations in impact M&E and online examinations, the JumpTrak™ solution has extended to include:

  • Topic graded content editors
  • Mathematics gaming activities
  • Wizards to build assessments automatically
  • Peer-to-peer autograded language writing tools
  • Diagnostic frameworks
  • A catalogue of benchmark, baseline and diagnostic assessments and
  • Data driven dashboards harnessing machine learning to turn static report cards into classroom action plans for teacher and the learners.

Typical applications include:

  • LMS deployments to tertiary institutions
  • Aannual benchmark assessment and diagnostics for private and public schools
  • Digital mathematics activities and teacher consoles in early grades
  • Monitoring & Evaluation tracking and KPI Dashboards for Impact programmes and
  • Government department systemic baselines.

With a varied collection of existing clients and partners we are working continually to enrich the learning outcomes of South African students, helping them to not just learn, but to learn brighter!