Quiz Wizard

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Pricing is per subject teacher per year.

The Quiz Wizard enables you to build trusted assessment for your class in minutes from thousands of trusted items in the JumpTrak item bank. Auto marking, and marking of free text responses feed immediately into the reporting dashboard and report cards. A single integrated Studio makes the entire process ridiculously easy for teachers to use. You will save hours while getting more insight into your learner’s understanding – and more regularly – than you have ever been able to do before with a fraction of the administration. It takes some seeing to believe that this is all possible.


The JumpTrak™ Quiz Wizard hosts a bank hundreds of trusted online assessments;

In four simple steps you can build everything from simple quizzes to formal summative assessments. From the wizard, select topics from a curriculum, set a desired number of marks and then allow JumpTrak™ to present you with a candidate test. You can reorder or replace questions before finalising. Start from the JumpTrak™ bank of mathematics or language items or load your own.


There is no limit to the number of items you can load.

Advanced features allow you to : –

  • Select a set of anchor items from previous assessments,
  • Specify the ratio of easy and difficult questions and
  • Configure specific quiz rules such as randomisation, maximum time and how many times the quiz may be attempted.


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