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JumpCO Digital was founded as a digital education, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) service provider to South African schools. The driver was to understand learner progress within the classroom, in real-time, not having to wait for formal summative results at the end of a term or a year. That is too late. Many South African learners find themselves ill equipped to cope with the next year of learning. Identified gaps in learning are discovered far too late, or in many cases, not at all. Year on year this problem has compounded to create a crisis in the education system in South Africa and school leavers join the ranks of the unemployed with little prospect for further learning or to engage with the opportunities of our rapidly emerging digital economy. The demands, and opportunities, of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4iR), quite simply pass them by.

Our mission at JumpCO Digital has been to address this.

Early attempts to provide this service included the refactoring of existing established learning management systems (LMS) to attempt real-time evaluation within the classrooms. However, we found these platforms did not answer this key objective as they were developed with a fundamentally different objective, were on legacy technology, and were administratively heavy.

We had to find another solution and so built our own, The JumpTrak platform.

JumpTrak evolved as a collection of light-weight, data-sensitive and easy to use web and mobile applications. These applications were specifically designed to determine a student’s comprehensive progress in a subject on a day by day basis. This real-time evaluation, - assessing as you learn - gave direct insight into a class’s understanding and allowed the students and teachers to identify critical areas for improvement. Furthermore, JumpTrak is not only a technology solution, but a rich data store of evaluation items, assessments, diagnostic tools and benchmarks, machine learned API’s and examinations ready to be deployed to the classroom.

Since 2016, the platform has evolved into a fully fledged M&E platform providing group wide benchmark assessments, diagnostic evaluations, summative and formative examinations and a comprehensive learning management system across 500 institutions and 120,000 students on an annual basis. However, unlike a traditional LMS, JumpTrak aligns its learning content via data driven informed progress on a day by day basis to the student and educator.